Boosting company finances with ERP in 5 different ways

Small and mid-sized businesses are understandably a little conservative with their finances these days, but keeping track of every dime can have some side effects for a company.  If you are trying to accomplish this with overworked, outdated systems, you’re probably already feeling the pain from it.  With cloud options available SMBs stand to begin boosting company finances with a sensible financial management solution that is built   more »

Compliance and auditing software – Boosting company finances 5

These days, regulations are strict and they change with regularity.  As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, your business depends on an ability to stay compliant.  It’s not enough to just have budgeting and forecasting software. You need compliance and auditing software.  But finding the software that does more than just helping keep track can be a little harder.  And that brings us to our   more »

Cloud the way you want it – Boosting Company Finances 4

Cloud computing has gained a lot of momentum with huge adoptions rates and plenty of savings being gained by SMBs who have deployed cloud business solutions.  But there are plenty of businesses out there who have not adopted yet.  So in this fourth blog of a five-blog series on boosting company finances we will be discussing how you can find a solution that lets you deploy the   more »

Business Cash Flow : Boosting Company Finances 3

It’s no secret that cash can move mountains.  In the post-downturn world we live in, or pre-redownturn if you are a glass half-empty type, SMBs have become cash obsessed.  So in this third installment of our 5-blog series on Boosting Company Finacnes we are going to look at how the right ERP finance software can help you boost business cash flow.  So far in the series we   more »

Smart data your way : Boosting Company Finances 2

Everyone is talking about data these days with a great deal of excitement.  It isn’t the data that is exciting people, it’s the incredible new technology that lets us turn the data into insight.  Sifting through numbers to try and extract some meaningful insight can be a headache.  In this second posting of our five-blog series on boosting company finances we are going to talk about how you   more »

MS Dynamics Certified Partners : White Board Session Video

Check out this short white board session video that shows how Dynamics Certified Partners deliver business solutions to SMBs.

Dynamics integration capabilities : Whiteboard Session Video

Check out this great white board session video on the seamless MS Dynamics integration with your current IT systems.

ERP finance software : Boosting Company Finances 1

These days everyone is drawing their purse strings a little tighter, and when your job is to keep a close eye on the financial ins-and-outs of your company, you have to make sure your systems reflect the most accurate information available. So we are publishing a five- blog series, “Boosting Company Finances.” In it we will show you how to improve employee performance by giving them access   more »