Does your company still use Excel & Scotch tape to submit expenses, making it painful to manage? Are your employees frustrated with how long it takes to reimburse expenses? Is your AP team spending too much time keying in data manually? We have a solution to these challenges. Gorilla Expense will be demonstrating our end-to-end automated T&E Reporting solution that is easy to use and seamless to   more »

CPM vs Business Intelligence in the Cloud Era

This article discusses the differences between corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions in the cloud technology era. I have written a lot about corporate performance management (CPM) solutions. And I have also explored business intelligence (BI) tools quite a bit. You could easily argue that I seem to use the terminology interchangeably – and you wouldn’t be too far off, but there’s some method   more »

Watch Out for Out-of-State Auditors

Did you know that auditors are not only in your business’ home state? While most companies dread being audited by their home department of revenue, they don’t expect that state tax authorities will send auditors to (or hire auditors from) other states to capture unreported sales and use tax revenue. Some states even have remote offices. One example is California which has field audit offices in Houston,   more »

Cloud-based CPM is the Present and Future

This article will explore the journey that led to where the business world is now, embracing Cloud-Based CPM as the new normal, including the value proposition that became a tipping point. Regardless of how technologically savvy you are, it would be difficult to find yourself living under a big enough rock to not know about “the cloud” – and how it is becoming the new normal in   more »

How to Navigate Budgeting in a Multi-cloud World

This article will focus on how the right Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution can elevate and strengthen budgeting and forecasting processes in the era of multiple cloud systems. We have written about the challenges and opportunities of navigating the multi-cloud world that the business realm is definitely inhabiting, specifically how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools can serve as a comprehensive solution to processes   more »

The New ‘Recall’ feature for Expense Reports

In the latest version of the web application, we released a new feature called ‘Recall Report’. Basically, this feature allows the employee to recall an expense report, if they already know that the expense report has errors or needs changes to the information submitted. This is especially useful for a company that has several levels of manager approvals in the workflow. Using this feature, the employee can   more »

How to Navigate Reporting in a Multi-cloud World

This article will zoom in on how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools can serve as a complete solution, specifically in the realm of reporting and analysis challenges that the business world faces with data from multiple cloud and on-premise platforms. Can we all agree that we are already living in a multi-cloud world? A true solution to the challenges that multiple clouds pose can be found in   more »

CPM as a Multi-cloud Solution

This article will discuss how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tools can serve as a true solution for challenges business can experience when reporting and budgeting, due to data spread across multiple cloud and on-premise systems. I recently explored multi-cloud deployments for the Solver blog, explaining the term and how it all works, so you can understand why this strategy is popular. After publishing, I continued researching and   more »

Growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s what you should know when going through financing events, mergers/acquisitions, and technology changes.

Multi-cloud for BI and CPM

In this article, multi-cloud deployment takes center stage, as a trend in supporting business processes like BI and CPM tasks. In the business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) worlds, at times it might feel like technology has always been moving at warp speed, and other times, it feels like everything has gone into turbo mode of all of a sudden. Both are true in their   more »