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Greenshades Online Employee Portal

Greenshades Online Employee Portal

The Greenshades Online Employee Portal is an employee intranet and self-service website hosted by Greenshades Software. Your Dynamics accounting system automatically synchronizes data with our portal thereby allowing employees to access payroll information from any computer or smartphone. The portal was designed for self-service and allows employees to submit documents for approval by managers or administrators which are then automatically downloaded into Dynamics.

Less Work for Controllers

The Greenshades Online Employee Portal is synchronized with your Dynamics accounting system: New paychecks, updated time-off balances, W-2s and more are uploaded automatically. Your employees can securely log into our portal and view and print this information as well as read company bulletins, set up email alerts, and see rich information such as a graph of time-off available throughout the past year. Viewing information is nice, but the portal saves you even more time by empowering your employees for self-service and also automating business workflow. Our timesheet module is one example: Employees can clock in/out on their homepage, view and make edits to their timesheet (if permitted), and then electronically sign the timesheet and send it to their manager for approval. Once logged in, managers can view submitted timesheets, make additional edits, and mark them as approved. Approved timesheets will be converted into payroll transactions and synchronized back into Dynamics, ready for inclusion in a payroll batch. Beyond timesheets, the Employee Portal also has self-service processes in place for time off requests, onboarding documents like I-9s and W-4s, direct deposit administration, and more.

Fits your Company

Our portal is meant to be a powerful intranet site for your employees. We customize your portal to use your corporate logo and exact electronic replicas of your exact check stubs and direct deposit slips. If your employees are already logging into a corporate intranet site then they will not need to log into this portal as well. And, of course, administrators have full control which employees can access the portal and what they can view.

Painless, Inexpensive Deployment

One of the biggest hurdles to implementing a self-service portal or intranet is often the deployment itself. It is difficult and expensive to integrate multiple systems, purchase expensive hardware, and set up new servers needed for most commercial employee portals. That’s why Greenshades hosts your Employee Portal on our equipment in a reliable, secure fashion. This makes our portal easy and cost-effective to deploy without being a burden for your IT department.

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