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Vicinity Manufacturing™ develops software exclusively for the process manufacturing industry. Vicinity software for formula manufacturing increases operational efficiency and reduces costs by automating and integrating critical information along the supply chain. Vicinity with Microsoft Dynamics® enables manufacturers to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. Vicinity integrates exclusively with the Microsoft Dynamics® suite of financial and distribution products. The Vicinity solution is a...

Vicinity solves the unique challenges of formula-based manufacturing—particularly the chemical, food and beverage industries—by allowing all users to share data in a centralized system. Our solution extends the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics™ financial and distribution family to deliver a powerful and flexible ERP solution. Vicinity Automatically updates Microsoft Dynamics GP via eConnect with real time data: Inventory Usage Inventory Production Labor/Overhead   Vicinity will work with you...

Blog Articles

Take A Look At Your Business From A New Perspective

As you evaluate business operations or read financial reports, it’s important to step back and consider how much you know, in addition to what you may not know.  Consider whether your assumptions are accurate, data is reliable, and whether you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.  It’s what you don’t know that can cause problems and sometimes you don’t   more »

Supply Chain Interface Module for Microsoft Dynamics AX

What is the supply chain interface module for Microsoft Dynamics AX and what can it do for you? Armanino’s Supply Chain Interface module for Dynamics AX has been utilized by many companies using sub-contract manufacturers, most notably those in the Life Science and Semiconductor Industry. The module has been available for over 10 years and has followed along with support and upgrades – most recently up to the Dynamics   more »

How much money do your customers owe you?

Collecting payment is a huge pain for many businesses. It’s no surprise that many customers delay payment as long as possible, but how much money is this delay costing you. The Obvious The simple way to look at it is customers owing you money is straight up cash out of your pocket. You might expect them to pay eventually, but this translates to a direct reduction in the   more »

Are you still printing checks and signing them? Let’s look at how much that is costing your business.

Even in 2015 there are still a surprisingly large number of companies still printing, signing, stuffing,  and mailing paper checks out to vendors.  This is largely the case simply because it’s the way that most companies have “always done business.” Fidesic  AP allows you to push your vendors towards cost effective ACH processing, and can simply the process for the checks you still print. Simplifying a process   more »

As the New Year rolls around, it is always interesting to look back on the prior year and try to recognize the trends that occurred that point to where the Business of Information Technology is heading. For me 2014 could almost be dubbed “The Year of Uber”. Uber is a fascinating business story, as it may be one of the first companies to find a way to   more »

6 Helpful hints to build a paperless AP Workflow.

So you’ve decided to turn your AP process into a Paperless one. One of the most daunting things about making this transition is documenting, and digitizing your workflow rules. Until you get your workflow fully documented, there are likely nuances to it that may not lend themselves to fitting within a rigid workflow. Here are some helpful hints on how to document your AP workflow in a   more »

Don’t Hire More People, Deploy Better Management Tools

When business gets busy, it may seem like a good idea to hire more people to pick up the slack. There are times when you need to hire more talent or expertise, then there are times when you may just need to become more efficient.  You may be surprised at how productivity can improve as soon as you replace manual processes with time-saving technology. If your office   more »