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Vicinity Manufacturing™ develops software exclusively for the process manufacturing industry. Vicinity software for formula manufacturing increases operational efficiency and reduces costs by automating and integrating critical information along the supply chain. Vicinity with Microsoft Dynamics® enables manufacturers to meet fluctuating demands of customer requirements for quality, delivery, and price. Vicinity integrates exclusively with the Microsoft Dynamics® suite of financial and distribution products. The Vicinity solution is a...

Vicinity solves the unique challenges of formula-based manufacturing—particularly the chemical, food and beverage industries—by allowing all users to share data in a centralized system. Our solution extends the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics™ financial and distribution family to deliver a powerful and flexible ERP solution. Vicinity Automatically updates Microsoft Dynamics GP via eConnect with real time data: Inventory Usage Inventory Production Labor/Overhead   Vicinity will work with you...

Blog Articles

Solving Supply Chain Risks

An overview of the most prevalent supply chain risks, the departments they affect, their financial impact on your business, and how they can be resolved. Learn how to create a complete supply chain picture by bringing together operational data and third party data, and use advanced analytics to discover your supply chain risks and weaknesses!

The Human Approach to Proving IT Value

As corporate IT becomes increasingly driven to mirror consumer technology and the cloud opens up new ways for employees to source and use technology solutions, proving IT value to the business unit now requires more of a focus on humans than ever. While many IT pros are skeptical and leery of the cloud, they will have to shift their thinking and see cloud as the solution to   more »

The Big Picture for Lean Transformation

Here’s a typical operation described in a Lean Enterprise Institute forum. Sound familiar? “Many discrete manufacturing industries produce a range of products using a limited set of resources. Some products have steady demands while some other products have orders with specific quantities and due dates. There may be a lot of variation in work order quantities. Each work order may pass through varying operations… A factory has   more »

Consumers Most Demanded Features for B2B eCommerce Sites

Business-to-business (B2B) buyers are expecting a consumer-like shopping experience more than ever, with cross-channel visibility and omni-channel fulfillment options. In one survey, 87 percent of B2B sellers say that customer expectations are a primary driver of their investment into omni-channel initiatives. According to the survey, these are the most demanded features for  B2B eCommerce sites and how vendors are aligning their technology investments with buyers’ expectations. Check   more »

Proactive Over Reactive Maintenance

The foundation of many business entities is the equipment they use to generate revenue and ultimately create value for their customers whether through production, service, or rental. The success of their business model depends on the effective utilization of equipment.  Across all industries, innovation in production and commercial use of equipment has increased capabilities, efficiencies, and opportunities; but has also become increasingly complex in its operation, maintenance,   more »

ERP Upgrade – Is Now the Time?

Our team has encountered several companies looking to move from Avante, a legacy ERP from Epicor that was popular with technology manufacturers in years past. Most are either planning to start looking within the next year or are already looking to upgrade. Admittedly, an ERP upgrade is major undertaking and companies tend put off upgrading until the last minute due to the cost and impact on internal resources. Older   more »

3 reasons invoice automation is going to take over B2B payments

While many companies have begun using e-invoicing for business-to-consumer transactions, some have been hesitant to use similar software for business-to-business billing. Looking forward, however, it is likely that recognition of invoice automation’s multiple benefits will be widespread, and that payments between businesses will be made online more often than not. With the continued expansion of cloud software and the goal of the paperless office, B2B e-invoicing should   more »

Take A Look At Your Business From A New Perspective

As you evaluate business operations or read financial reports, it’s important to step back and consider how much you know, in addition to what you may not know.  Consider whether your assumptions are accurate, data is reliable, and whether you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.  It’s what you don’t know that can cause problems and sometimes you don’t   more »

Supply Chain Interface Module for Microsoft Dynamics AX

What is the supply chain interface module for Microsoft Dynamics AX and what can it do for you? Armanino’s Supply Chain Interface module for Dynamics AX has been utilized by many companies using sub-contract manufacturers, most notably those in the Life Science and Semiconductor Industry. The module has been available for over 10 years and has followed along with support and upgrades – most recently up to the Dynamics   more »

How much money do your customers owe you?

Collecting payment is a huge pain for many businesses. It’s no surprise that many customers delay payment as long as possible, but how much money is this delay costing you. The Obvious The simple way to look at it is customers owing you money is straight up cash out of your pocket. You might expect them to pay eventually, but this translates to a direct reduction in the   more »